In the beautiful village of Papigo, you can host every kind of festivity in our available outdoor area. Now, your wedding, your children’s chistening celebration, your company’s convention or just a meeting of friends and relatives have their own space in our resort. In a specially designed verdurous area of 2.5 sq.m., with a view over the imposing mountains of north Pindos, we can host every special moment you want to remain unforgettable for you and your guests.

In the new area we created especially for these kinds of festivities, we can host comfortably 1000 guests. There is a 100sq.m. dance floor. We can also arrange for the staying and transportation of all your guests. We will always be at your disposal for everything you may require, taking care of the slightest detail.

We can arrange for the chair, table covers and the decoration of the festivity area, based on your own suggestions and taste.

As for the staying, for you as well as your guests, we offer our resort and cooperate with the rest of the village in order to cover any possible need.

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Megalo Papigo
Zagorochoria, Ioannina 44004

Tel: 26530-41081

Reception, Group,
and Actrivities Managers:
Dimitrios Mpitos

Resort & Restaurant Managers:
Dimitrios Mpitos


In our traditional resort you will find 7 newly renovated (2011) rooms, all equipped with central heating, en suite bathroom and TV. In two of these you can enjoy warmth and ambience of the fireplace during the winter season.


Epirus is famous for its cuisine. After or before your walk, you can stop at our restaurant and taste our local delicacies, traditional pies, cooked meals, and grilled dishes, all with the best picked local and our own products.




Rafting, Canoe Cayak, Hiking, Beekeeping.


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