Primitive forests, steep gorges, crystal waters running through cool gullies and elaborate arched bridges joining them, are protecting the 46 stone built villages of Zagoria in a unique way.

They are located north of Ioannina, built like eagle nests at the slopes, tops and in the mountains between Timfi, Mitsikeli, Tsouka Rossa and the Aoos river. The name Zagori means “the place behind the mountain” and comes from the Slavic combination of words “Za-gori”. Geographically, it is divided in three areas, eastern, central and western Zagori.

In the whole formation of the Zagori, the wealth of the past times can still be refected by the mansions, the schools and the imposing churches.

The regime of independence & self-government as well as the special tax treatment during the Ottoman Empire era, in combination with the Zagoria in various areas of the Ottoman Empire, Russia, the western Europe and their successful occupation with trade and literature, lead to the economic, social and literal development of the area.

This golden age of the Zagoria villages, starting from the late 16th century and peaking during the 18th and 19th century, was reflected in the settlements and the wider developed settlement network (monasteries, bridges, roads, fountains, etc.) that was constructed with the donations of the wealthy people of Zagoria villages, that were living abroad.

The habitants of the Zagoria villages are separated in two main groups, at the central, west and south they use only the Greek language, while at the north and east they use the Vlachian dialect as well. Quite recently, at the end of the 19th century, the Sarakatsanoi nomad cattle breeders also settled in the area.

The Zagori, a former autonomous region of the Ottoman Empire, was since the liberation of 1913 and for many years, one of the counties of the prefecture of Ioannina. Today, its 46 villages are allocated in three Municipalities (Timfi, Central and Eastern Zagori) and two communities (Papigo and Vovousa).


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In our traditional resort you will find 7 newly renovated (2011) rooms, all equipped with central heating, en suite bathroom and TV. In two of these you can enjoy warmth and ambience of the fireplace during the winter season.


Epirus is famous for its cuisine. After or before your walk, you can stop at our restaurant and taste our local delicacies, traditional pies, cooked meals, and grilled dishes, all with the best picked local and our own products.




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