Grand Papigo
Once, at the end of the byzantine era, Papigo was the capital of the western Zagori, which was baring its name, while the name “Papigos” was used many times to mention the rocky mountain chain of Timfi that rises above the village. Tsouka, Lapato, Radovoli from the north, Astraka, Atziaima, Koupos from the east and the Vikos canyon from the south are circling and protecting Papigo. The only opening is to the west, called Manna, where the locals used to watch the sunset and predict the weather.

In order to reach Megalo and then Mikro Papigo, you must go through Aristi and the “kagkelia”, the twirly road with the 14 sharp turns.

At the Megalo Papigo, The temple of Agios Vlasios, the patron saint of the shepherds welcomes you, with its hexagonal belfry rising 15 meters above. It was built at 1852 in the place of an older temple of 908. According to the Pasha’s orders the villagers of Papigo were forced to construct steps at the entrance of the temple in order to lower the height of the temple by 2 meters, so as it would not offend the majesty’s limits.

Next to the Agios Vlasios temple, there is the Primary School, constructed by Michail Anagnostopoulos who at 1888 founded the famous Kallineia Scholeia (schools), 5 in total, at the Megalo and Mikro Papigo. Nowadays, because of the lack of students, the school building hosts the precious library of Anagnostopoulos, who served as a Manager of the Blind and Deaf-Mute Children School at the Perkins Institute in Boston, USA. A web of cobbled roads starts from the temple Agios Vlasios and the school. The roads are limited by stone walls on the sides, with the elaborate front doors of the houses changing the monotony of the scenery. One of these cobbled roads will lead you at the church of Agios Georgios, built at 1774 and renovated at 1884. The church of Agios Christoforos is also built at a privileged spot with a marvelous view. The uphill dirt road will lead you to the hill with the outdoor country church in less than 5 minutes. You are advised to visit this place late in the afternoon, to see the Astraka and Papigo in a golden color, due to the last sun rays. During the summer months you can enjoy a cool walk by visiting the natural pools (Rogovo – Ovires).

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In our traditional resort you will find 7 newly renovated (2011) rooms, all equipped with central heating, en suite bathroom and TV. In two of these you can enjoy warmth and ambience of the fireplace during the winter season.


Epirus is famous for its cuisine. After or before your walk, you can stop at our restaurant and taste our local delicacies, traditional pies, cooked meals, and grilled dishes, all with the best picked local and our own products.




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